William Sterling of Lyme, Connecticut

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William Sterling of Haverhill & Lyme Connecticut came to America from England. He has a very large posterity, located all over the United States. A number of his descendants are active members of this website, so if you have questions, updates, or more current information, please let me know.

Albert Mack Sterling who wrote the book "The Sterling Genealogy" in 1909 is the fifth great-grandson of William Sterling of Lyme. Clan Stirling Online is currently searching for Albert's papers and correspondence.

If you have more information about Albert or William PLEASE contact us at

mike @ clanstirling dot org
Descendants of William Sterling of Lyme, Connecticut

(pdf file)

Note: DNA tests have established that William Sterling of Haverhill MASS and James Stirling of Cornwall CT are very closely related. This gives more credence to the un-confirmed reports that James of Cornwall, CT was William's gg-grandson.