Stirlings in South Carolina

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Newberry, South Carolina Descendants of John Stirling & Rebecca Pitts

Descendants of John Stirling & Rebecca Pitts of Newberry, South Carolina data have been added to the family pages section.

It is believed John Stirling arrived in Newberry from Ireland around the late 1700's. He arrived with four brothers named James, Harry, Seth, and Ephraim. The date of his arrival has not yet been determined.

From the 1790 census records it appears there was only one Stirling in South Carolina, Ishom Stirling in Camden District, Lancaster County. In his house hold were himself, another male under 16, and two females ages not given.

It appears that John Stirling & Rebecca and his family arrived after 1790.

It is also not known at this time where he arrived from, but family lore, and early acquaintances say he came from Ireland, and spoke with a distinct Irish brogue. His grandson Hosea reported he came from Ireland.

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