Robert McCutcheon Condolences

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Dear Barbara,

Although you don't know me, I wanted to send a message of sympathy at Bob's passing.

Bob was very helpful to me in answering some of my queries on the Stirlingshire list. I have also benefitted from Bob's knowledge more indirectly, as I have a copy of the set of photos of the mill from Bert Miller's latest visit when you and Bob showed him around. Bert is a distant cousin of mine, my father was a Miller and my greatgreatgrandfather was born at "the Myres". I have on loan from Margaret and Bert Miller, a copy of one of Bob's books of images of early Stirling, with commentary, and am enjoying it very much. I'm sure many of us will miss Bob's contribution to our research, but you of course will miss him far more, for more personal reasons.

My thoughts are with you

Regards Catherine Fitchett Christchurch, New Zealand

To the family of Robert McCutcheon:

Please accept my condolence for you and my confidence, that, Robert has arrived home.

Scincerely and Respectfully, Kurt Hyneman

Dear Barbara,

So sorry to hear about Bob, he was a lovely man and will dearly missed by all. I have tried the email address he gave me when he gave up the shop but I never had any luck. Our thoughts are with you at this time.

Ian Stirling in Linlithgow.


While I did not have the pleasure of personally meeting your husband, I did enjoy the few e-mails between us, regarding Stirling. He was a blessing to the Stirling/Sterling clan, and such a devoted man to preservation of our ancestry. All I have of his, is the book on Stirling, and I will always cherish it.

What a wonderful man. May you recall all the beautiful memories you had with your husband and friend.


Lady Mary Hendrickson

This is for Robert's family in Scotland and the rest of the Stirling/Sterling Clan members.

It is sad to lose a family member even if it is someone you have never met. When you are a member of a family that is greater than yourself and one that reaches out to each other to comfort the family who lost a loved one it transcends beyond anything you could ever feel anywhere else. When my father died and his death notice was posted on this site I received a massive amount of sympathy emails. It was my father's love of his Scottish heritage and love of family that he was, in a sense, the Sterling patriarch of the Oklahoma Sterlings after his father passed away. Family is everything and even though you may never meet them all there will always be a bond of blood and a shared love of family that never dies. My heart goes out to the family and friends of this great man who I am sure will be well missed.

Kathleen Sterling

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