Joseph Starling of Windham Maine

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Joseph Starling was born in 1721 at Little Compton, Rhode Island. He later moved to Windham, Maine. This information was kindly provided to Clan Stirling by Scott Steitz, one of Joesph's descendants. If you have more to add to this branch of the family you can contact Scott at ssteitz @ hotmail dot com

Scott provided some additional information in his email - "My Uncle Leon Sterling and a distant Cousin, John Sterling, have hit a wall on Joseph's ancestory. The most concrete record found to date shows his marriage to Mary Wooster in Falmouth (now Portland) Maine in 1743. This record shows Joseph to be from Little Compton, which is now in Rhode Island. Although Josephs name is given as Starling, he is believed to be Scottish. John Sterling has reviewed records in which Joseph corresponded to the Presbyterian church to add a new parish.

The last name was changed to Sterling by Josephs grandchildren while that part of the family lived on Monhegan Island. Joseph's date of birth is estimated to be aprox 1721.

Hopefully someone may have information that will help us establish the ancestory of Joseph Starling (as well as the correct spelling of the surname)."

Descendants of Joseph Starling of Windham, Maine (pdf file)
Descendancy Chart for Joseph Starling of Windham, Maine (pdf file)