John Stirling of Barry Parish

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Descendant Catherine Stirling Gould originally provided this information to Clan Stirling in February 2001. Our apologies for taking so long to get it published!

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Some of John Stirling's descendants immigrated to Ontario, Canada. It's a very interesting history.

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Barry Parish
A parish in the county of Forfar, extending four miles in length, and 3 miles in breadth, along the north coast of the Firth of Tay. A bank running from east to west divides the parish into a higher and lower division, which are very different in soil and appearance; while on the low ground of the banks of the river is sandy, and affording only a scanty pasture to a few flocks of sheep, the higher is a rich loam, extremely fertile and well cultivated. The chief manufacture is brown linen; and the parish has long been famed for the excellence of the fabric, and the superiority of the workmanship; the greatest part is stamped and sold at the Arbroath market. Two lighthouses are erected on the side of the river, to guide the mariner safely through the sand banks, which are very numerous at the mouth of the Tay. (The Gazetteer of Scotland, W Chalmers, Dundee 1803)

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Our Family Book, June 30 2004

Here is an extract from the large PDF with just the descent report of John Skirling.

John Skirling Descent Report June 30 2004