John Gilman Sterling - 1899 Journal

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John Gilman Sterling, the son of William Penn Sterling, and great-grandfather of website founder Michael L. Jex kept a small journal for about 10 months in 1899. The journal records the first year of life for his eldest daughter Morna Avis Sterling, and records the death of John's Mother Caroline on 14 Nov 1899. The journal was kept safe all these years in a box of photos and Family Group Sheets gathered by his daughter, Morna Avis Sterling Painter. The journal was located in May 1999 at the home of Beverly Ann Painter Jex, John Gilman Sterling's granddaughter.

The journal is handwritten in ink, in a small American Diary 1899. The cover is leather, a dark maroon. Inside, John kept notes on each day, his purchases, and many facts about the printing business and newspaper he ran in Tripoli, Iowa. He was also interested in the weather, recording many days the temperture for the day. If the temperture was above zero, he made a line "----" below the number. If it was below zero, he recorded the number with a "----" above the number.

John kept careful track of his income in the back section of the journal. In January 1899 he made $22.25, expenses were $21.70. From this list of income and expenses, we can see that John Gilman loved eating oysters. He ate them serval times a week, sometimes every single day for several weeks running. John stopped recording his expenses after this time, about the time his mother, Caroline C. Robinson fell ill.

This first installment is for the period of Jan 1-15 1899. Other installments will come every few days for the next several weeks.

Installment One - January 1 - 15, 1899 (pdf file)