Alexander Stirling of Feliciana Louisiana

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Alexander Stirling was christened on July 7, 1751 in Kennettles, Angus, Scotland.

He was born in 1753 in Lethan, near Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland. He served in the military in 1773 in Manchac and Baton Rouge, West Florida. He signed a will on January 5, 1808 in Alexanders Creek, 3rd District of West Feliciana, Louisiana.

Stirling Estate in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana"In the name of God, Amen. I, Alexander Stirling, native of Farfar, Angushire, North Britain, now of Alexander's Creek, in the third district of West Feliciana, providence of Louisisana, planter, being at present in good health, and of sound mind, memory and understanding, do make and desire this to be my last will and testament."

Alexander married Ann Alston in 1784. Alexander and Ann have a very large posterity, who still gather at the family estate every few years. The family settled in Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, and the estate house is still standing today.

A wonderful book was recently published about Alexander Stirling and Ann Alston's family. There is new information coming in all the time on this very important branch of the Stirling family. If you have additional information you'd like to share, please email or call us!

Descendants of Alexander Stirling & Ann Alston of WEst Feliciana Louisiana (pdf file)