12.15 Happy Holidays From Clan Stirling Online

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A very Merry Holiday Season from all of us at Clan Stirling Online.
"Nollaig Chridheil Huibh" means Merry Christmas in Scots Gaelic,
do not forget the biggest holiday of the year in Scotland, New Year, or Hogmanay "Bliadhna Mhath Ur"


I'm gaun to hing a stockin up,
I'll borrow my big brither's,
It's bigger nor my sister's ane,
And strang-er nor my mither's.

I'll be in bed on Yule
E'en When Faither Christmas comes.
I ken he'll wale oor chimley oot
Amang the ither lums.

On Yule richt early I'll be up
Afore the screich o day
To see what ferlies Santa Claus
Has brocht me for my play.

I hope he'll mind a cuddly bear,
And cups for dolly's tea
Wi lots o ither bonnie toys
For a guid wee lass like me.

by J K Annand

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