12.12 When Freedom Rang

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Delaney Gustafson is the 6th Great-Granddaughter of James Stirling of Cornwall Connecticut.
She has kindly given us permission to share this wonderful poem titled "When Freedom Rang."
Thank you Delaney for your support of Clan Stirling Online. Gangforward!

When Freedom Rang

I followed the chimes of independence
With great hopes and much suffering.
I witnessed the rebellion,
With true resolve for liberty
I fought
I was a Jacobite
For Bonny Prince Charlie.
I was an exemplar of society,
Before the dignity in my name
Was kicked and spurned.
Oh, that the clans had been saved!
Our name would resound
In those grand, majestic highlands
In which we left
Only a heroic legacy.
Transient repose was in the Indigo Blue,
But I desired freedom
And found no rest in its scarcity.
America came to me in a dream
Bidding my heart to hope
And to yearn for that independence.
Connecticut made its call,
As if summoning me home
To a haven only imaginable
By divine intuition.
I am a Sterling.

I sought peace in my soul.
My cup was full
But of it I could not drink,
For I was in the midst
Of the oppressor’s sovereignty.
He thieved from me
My right to praise my Creator
To my hearts content.
My purity was assured of me
And I followed the turbulent billows of the sea
To whence the land of holy opportunity
Bid me come.
I remember the sails of the Mayflower
And a deep breath of hope consumed me
When shelter was manifested
In the thirteen brightest stars.

My posterity I carried upon my shoulders
Like a yoke upon a mule.
I crossed oceans, plains and mountains,
To gather at a righteous place
In a land full of promise.
I wanted generations to know
And to worship God freely
Without second glance or perturbation.
I was plunged into the murky waters
Of persecution in my nation,
But faith helped me across the sea,
And a beacon of light
Brought us to freedom
Forged in the fiery Western lands
Where there were others who knew of God
And all of his tender mercies.
He sent wind to our sails.

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