11.15 Tewksbury Gold Mine - Tons of New Info!

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Tewksbury Gold Mine of Family Info discovered! Thanks Darleen!

Woodinville, WA. November 15, 1997 - If you are related to James William Sterling and Elizabeth Tewksbury, you may need to sit down. Thanks to Tucson Arizona's Darleen Flanagan, there are many generations of additional information available in your family tree.While this information isn't part of Clan Stirling, the Tewksbury family is an important line in the history of the Sterling Family in Susquehanna County Pennsylvania.

Darleen lives in Tuscon Arizona, and has a great deal of Tewksbury information. For years this branch of the Family has been very difficult and confusing. Here is an excerpt of a message I received from Darleen:

We go back to Isaac T. and Sarah Sargent. Their son Jacob married your ancestor, and their son Thomas is my ancestor. By the way, for your info, my Thomas who married Mary Currier - also married Sarah Collins and had more kids as Mary Currier died early.

Jacob Tewksbury son of Thomas and Mary Currier - cousin to yours, went to Vermont then to Maine. His son Parker Tewksibury born abt 1794 in Vermont - and Parker went to Maine also. Had sons John and James, John called John Dunning Tewksbury and he went to Calif ! THIS Jacob was born 23 Mar 1767 South Hampton, NH.

(brace yourself cause here it comes)

YOUR Jacob born 17 Aug 1767 - same year born Amesbury, son of Isaac and Judith Sargent went to Vermont.

See, both Jacobs born the same year and cousins but born in differnet places BOTH went to Vermont. "

This message made something clear I have been studing for the past three years! Thanks Darleen