10.29 Welcome to the St*rling DNA Project

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Clan Stirling Online! wishes to welcome the St*rling DNA Project to its pages. Robert Sterling, the St*rling DNA Project coordinator has done a great job recruiting St*rling family members to have their Y-DNA analyzed at Family Tree DNA. We are now seeing definate patterns in the test results with some real surprises in the new data. This project has the potential to answer some very important questions regarding the relationships of the various St*rling families around the world. If you are a St*rling male you really should consider joining the project. The more sample points we have the better we will be able to create a clear picture of the St*rling family tree.

Now for the big surprise!

William Richard Sterling, a descendant of James Stirling of Cornwall CT ( and web master of CSO) received his 25 marker DNA test results back and they are a 100% ( 25 for 25 ) match with descendants of William Sterling of Haverhill and Old Lyme AND descendants of Isaac Starling of Accomac VA. There are currently 5 of us with 25 out of 25 matches and another 3 with 12 of 12 matches. You can see the latest results here ST*RLING DNA PROJECT RESULTS

Statistically, a 25 for 25 match means there is a 80% probability that the two descendants would share a common ancestor within 13 generations. Put another way, there is approximately an 80% probability that James Stirling of Cornwall, CT is a direct descendant of William Sterling of Haverhill or one of William's brothers. There is also a 20% possibility that the most recent common ancestor (MCRA) dates further back than William Sterling of Haverhill. There is no doubt though that they come from the same family and the same can be said for Isaac Starling of Accomac, VA.

Note: Further tests to the 67 marker level has confirmed the very tight relationship between descendants of James Stirling of Cornwall, CT and William Sterling of Haverhill, Mass & Old Lyme

See the St*rling DNA Project results.