06.19 Stirling Names From University Records

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06.19 Stirling Names From University Records

<img style="float: right; margin: 10px 10px 15px 15px;" width="" src="http://old.clanstirling.org/uploads/mart3.jpg" alt="Stirling Matriculation Albums" title="Stirling Matriculation Albums"> Some books are of great genealogical interest even though they were not originally written for the sake of genealogy. The Matriculation Albums of the University of Glasgow From 1728 to 1858, written in 1913 by W. Innes Addison, registrar of the University of Glasgow is one example.

The book was printed at Glasgow University Press by Robert Maclehose & Company Ltd. for James Maclehose and Sons, Publishers to the University of Glasgow in 1913.

It contains the matriculation information for graduates from the University from 1728 to 1858. More importantly from a genealogical standpoint is the names are cross referenced by family, so if a persons brothers, father, grandfather and in some cases up to 2nd Great grandfather matriculated from the school, their information is here too, and cross referenced.

It's very interesting to see what subjects and other information are printed for your ancestor. For example here is the first (oldest) entry for a member of the Stirling family, Gulielmus Stirling, who was born in 1717, and graduated in 1730.

174 GULIELMUS STIRLING F. Joannis Stirling Mercatoris Glasguensis Viri Consularis Born 1717. Founder of the still existing calico-printing firm of William Stirling & Sons. Died at Glasgow, 3d May, 1777. Cousin of 564; father of 2559, 2560; father-in-law of 2959; grandfather of 5344, 5583, 6069, 6156, 6502, 7642, 8745, 10285; great-grandfather of 15768. Page 5; 1730 A.D.

As you can see there is a great deal of information about Gulielmus , including information about his father-in-law!

We owe a great deal of special thanks to CSO volunteer Beverly Jex, she extracted and typed by hand all members of the family of STIRLING from the book and published them in a pdf file for the Scottish Genealogical & Historical Research Trust. The file has been made available to Clan Stirling Online.

Stirling Family Extract From The Matriculation Albums of the University of Glasgow. (pdf file) The trust plans to publish this extremely rare book in it's entirety in the near future. It's a wonderful look into Scotlands past, and is a great research aide. No genealogical library or historical society should be without one.


William Innes Addison was born in the parish of Brechin in Forfarshire on the 22nd of March, 1857. He was the eldest son in the family, but didn't take well to the idea of being a farmer like his father. He later served as an apprentice to Messrs. Shiress & Whitson, solicitors in Brechin. Later he attended the University of Edinburgh in the study of law. <img style="float: right; margin: 10px 10px 15px 15px;" width="" src="http://old.clanstirling.org/uploads/mart2.jpg" alt="Stirling Matriculation Albums" title="Stirling Matriculation Albums">} In 1875 he joined the staff of Mr. A. Kirk Mackie, SSC. In 1879 he removed to Glasgow and took many Arts, Humanity, English Literature and Moral Philosophy classes during this time. He was married in 1885.

In 1887 he began working for the university of Glasgow in the Clerk of Senate's Office in the Matriculation department. In Oct 1905 he was appointed Registrar of the General Council, which he highly prized because it kept him in contact with the graduates whose careers he had watched with interest from their earliest student days.

In 1911 the department, which had grown tremendously was reorganized, Mr. Addison was placed at the head of the general clerical staff and given the title Registrar of the University.

Mr Addison consulted with thousands of people to prepare this book. He also consulted many other reference materials and historical books, there are well over 150 titles listed in the bibliograhy. In his self written biograpy his sense of humor was also well documented. For recreaction is said: "editing, indexing, and annotating University Records."

Sadly he died as this book went to press on the 15th of October 1912. This book is a lasting legacy to a man that spent countless hours indexing, cross referencing and annotating a book this is of great value to Scottish Genealogists.