01.13 2003 - Best Year Yet!

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2003 - The Best Year Yet For Clan Stirling!

When this website was started in 1997 we had no idea how popular this little spot of kith * kin would become on the internet. This past 12 months shattered all previous records, here's a sample:

Total Hits for 2003 - 2,357,275. 700,000 more than the previous record!
Total Visiting users for 2003 - 160,072 More than double last year.
Data Transferred - 19.98 gigs
Avg Visitors per day for 2003 509.48
Total Hits since inception 6,194,229. SIX MILLION!
Growth for 2003 - 32.91% over last year.

Rick and I would like to thank all of you that have encouraged us and a special thanks to those that contributed information. 2004 will be even better!

Here is some more information about our website: