01.10 A Stirling In Baghdad

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Baghdad airport.jpg

A member of the Stirling family has been given one of the toughest jobs in Iraq, he is currently in charge of security at Baghdad International Airport. Glenn Stirling, who is from Dunfermline, is responsible for security at the airport complex, one of the world's most high profile terrorist targets.

Glenn, who is 34, loves the job, and has even had the chance to sit on one of Saddam's thrones. "I am in my element and I enjoy the challenge and responsibility." said Stirling. "But I know it wouldn't appeal to everyone." he continued.

He is the former head of the airport counter terrorist unit in Hong Kong. He landed the job in Iraq after going to examine security at the airport in Basra. Before taking the post, Glenn received intensive training in the United States.

Glenn has a wife and two children at home in Scotland. Gang forward