John Sterling of England, Virginia & Maryland

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I am a family genealogist and worked on my Sterling line a few years ago; I am descended from John Sterling of Accomac/Northhampton Counties, VA. I'm planning a trip to Scotland this year and thought I would see if I can get my ancestors from Stock, Essex, ENG to Scotland. I have attached the work done by me and others. The descendent tree I have attached only includes the generations that have no living members. My most recent Sterling ancestor on the tree is Effie Wingate Sterling; I have attached a picture of her in Chrisfield, MD.

I am from Maryland but have lived in Texas for many years.

You can use any of the attached info as you wish. Dennis Howells

John Sterling Document 1 (Word DOC file)

John Sterling Document 2 (Word DOC file)

John Sterling Document 3 (Adobe PDF file)

Aaron Sterling - Revolutionary War (Word DOC file)

Image at right: Effie Wingate Sterling 1889

Editor's Note: I received this information from Dennis over 2 years ago but it somehow slipped by me during a move when my computer was down for several weeks. My sincere apology to Dennis for this oversight.