12.11 James Stirling & Marion Reid - Pages Added

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12.11 James Stirling & Marion Reid - Pages Added

Woodinville, WA - December 11, 1997 Descendants of James Stirling & Marion Reid of Baldernock, Stirling Scotland Family Page Added!

James Stirling, who quite possibly is tied to either the Cadder or Glorat houses of Stirlingshire, was christened on 1 Mar 1691. He was from Baldernock, Stirling, Scotland, and he married Marion Reid on 8 Aug 1716. Marion was from Bogtown, Cadder, Lanarkshire, Scotland. (Editors Note: It was discouvered in Feb 2000, that "Bogtown" is actually "Bogton" which is right near the canal between the Stirlings of Cadder estate, and Baldernock Parish, less than 1/2 mile from either location.) Their son William was married to Isobell Finlay from Falkirk, Scotland, and William is currently the only line of their family to have descendants listed.

This Stirling Branch appears to end in the mid 1700's, suggesting many lines may tie to this family. The other families continue, with a large number of Armstrong, and Anderson descendants, who later settled in the United States.

This information was taken from the Ancestral files. It is also available in the Family History Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, or from www.familysearch.org.

Editors Note: This descent to James Stirling of Cornwall is not proven. DNA testing has shown that James Stirling of Cornwall, CT is a very close relative of William Sterling of Haverhill, Mass and Old Lyme, CT. Most probably William's great-great grandson by way of William > Richard > William > William > James

A clue to William of Haverhill's ancestry was found in a 19th centyruy book on heraldic devices of early colonists. William is shown as havinfg the same arms as the Stirling of Bankell & Hertfordshire. Both of these families are cadets of the Stirlings of Keir

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